The Great Mortality

by The Infernal Sea

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Concept behind the album:
Lyrically 'The Great Mortality' delves into the dark and macabre history of the Black Death that swept across Europe from 1348 onward. Each track explores the sadistic nature of mankind during this time of despair and the violent acts and atrocities they committed to their fellow man. The lyrics also explore the control that the Church had over the people and how they imposed fear that the plague was God's wrath.

The cover depicts a lone Plague doctor who has contracted the disease and therefore pushing forth the notion that there is no hope and that all mankind is doomed.

Beautifully Illustrated by the very talented Richey Beckett, he has captured the sombre tone of the record and it compliments the bleak songs we have composed.


released February 19, 2016

The Infernal Sea is
Dean Lettice - Vocals
Chris Revett - Bass
Jonathan Egmore - Guitar
James Burke - Drums

All music written by The Infernal Sea.
Cover illustration by Richey Beckett.
Released by Cacophonous Records.

Guest performances:
Additional vocals by James Burke & Chris Revett
Additional vocals on ‘Pestmeester’ by Sam Loynes (Voices/Shrines).
Intro to ‘Pestmeester’ by Kurt (Disinterred).
Violin on ‘The Bearer’ by Baalrath (Sidious).

Recorded by James Burke at The Noise Cabin.
Mixed and Mastered by Samuel Turbitt at Ritual Studios.

Infernal hails and gratitude to everyone who has supported The Infernal Sea on this dark journey. You know who you are...




all rights reserved


The Infernal Sea UK

Formed in early 2010 The Infernal Sea's style is rooted in the traditional Black Metal sound. Not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries The Infernal Sea bring an eclectic mix of influences to their sound.

The Infernal Sea have proven themselves on the live circuit supporting the likes of Anaal Nathrakh, 1349, Vreid, Napalm Death, MOSS and Eastern Front.
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Track Name: Den Sorte Død
Borne by the wind,
A new age of darkness approaches,
A new age of unholy terror,
For we are weak and frail,
We must fear the unknown,
For it comes for us all,
And this evil has a name,
Hail the great mortality.
Track Name: Way of the Wolf
Listen to them howl,
Such Feral creatures of the night,
They came from mountains high,
With a thirst for blood.

Mortality reaches maximum,
As the dead pile in the streets,
Cold winds bear the stench,
That awaken this evil.

Hounds of the Moon,
Servants to the dark,
Hounds of the Moon,
The way of all flesh,
Hounds of the Moon,
Unleashed to devour.

God for the faults of man,
Has struck this world,
Hell's creatures of the night,
Deliver divine death.

Hounds of the Moon,
Servants to the dark,
Hounds of the Moon,
The way of all flesh,
Hounds of the Moon,
Unleashed to devour.
Track Name: The Bearer
It shall arise from beyond this world,
A fiend transformed,
Taking shape of a hound,
A Malevolent Lord, Satan's abhorrent beast,
Summoned to feast upon human flesh.

The Church seek control,
Through holy propaganda,
You must run, escape this horror,
The bearer awaits those who stay.

Feel the fear Consume,
Feel the wraith of God,
Feel your guilt boil inside and punish you,
Feel the fear overcome,
Terrified by the bearer,
Feel its breath now your heart beats no more.

From shadows it creeps,
Untold horrors it bellows,
Black as coal, it reeks of brimstone,
Its eyes glow red, its gaze does pierce,
To look upon the hound will bring instant death.
Track Name: Purification by Fire
1349 forever blackened,
Immense suffering breeds,
Fear of the Black Death.

Seduced by the liars,
The Devil stokes the fire,
Mouths spread venom,
Evoking sheer terror.

Curse the Antichrists,
Who poisoned the wells,
Fear drove the town folk,
Condemned them all to Hell.

Victimised, accused and led to their slaughter,
Thousands were massacred,
In this Ungodly vilification.

Fires blazed into the night,
To purge the flesh of all sin.
Track Name: Pestmeester
Blinded by fear,
Pray your God saves you,
From impending darkness,
We flee this hallowed city.

Renounce the throne,
For the King withdraws his reign,
Disregard all faith,
Fate sealed by a vicious God.

Blinded by fear,
Your God can’t save you,
From impending darkness,
We flee this doomed city,

His Kingsman stand guard,
Enforcers of the gates,
None shall pass into heaven,
Forced back to nest in Hell.

Contagion takes hold,
Damned by summer heat,
Starvation now the hunter,
Feasting on weakness.

Covenant of masked doctors,
Guardians of the sick,
No cure for this curse,
Pestmeester fled in fear.
Track Name: Entombed in Darkness
Barricade the windows,
Nail the fucking doors,
Imprisoned to the dark,
Entombed in misery.

Confined within this cell,
Sarcophagus of grief,
Imprisoned to the dark,
Entombed in suffering.

And so they died,
Trapped in this nightmare,
Enforced death sentence,
Entombed in Darkness.

Unhallowed ritual,
Prevention of this plague,
Vault of the infected,
Entombed in darkness.

And so they died,
Confined in their nightmare,
Entombed in darkness
Track Name: Plague Herald
God’s will must be done,
Chastisement from above,
To question his justice,
Will be met with punishment.

It’s spirit escapes from the eyes of the sick,
Searching for untainted flesh,
Cursed by God’s infection,
All sinners must repent.

Heavy mist, blasts of wind,
Heralds of the plague,
Hellfire blaze and scorch the Earth.

Inferno rains from the sky,
Humanity reduced to ashes,
Cursed by the hand of God,
All sinners must repent.
Track Name: Brethren of the Cross
Devotional army of martyrs,
March upon the temple,
To heal the indisposed,
Thus drive out their adversary.

Their master wields a scourge,
That lashes at their flesh,
Flayed into a frenzy,
Their Sacrifice an offering to Christ.

Under the presence of the Lord,
Pray your sins be absolved,
Repent, turn back,
Brethren of the Cross.

Tormented flayed disciples,
Daily punished violently,
A token in return of the Lord's goodwill,
To free his people from this curse.

Scapegoats to the Church,
They suffered in vain,
Their sacrifice will restore hope,
Of vanquishing the great mortality.

The Church denounced such acts,
Incarcerating the masters,
Brandished as perverse,
Executed by order of the Church.

Scapegoats to the Cause,
They suffered in pain,
God has cursed the brethren,
and tainted this holy crusade.